Course Date Title Status
22 Oct 2019 Common Individual Life and Medical Insurance with recent legal cases Open for enrolment
05 Oct 2019 Insurance and Financial Regulatory Compliance – Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Closed
25 Sep 2019 Shop Package Insurance Policy for Catering Industry –Coverage, Underwriting Issues and Claims Procedures Cancelled
24 Aug 2019 Introduction of key FinTech related laws and regulations in insurance sector Cancelled
23 Aug 2019 Recent developments in Commercial Vehicle Insurance Closed
26 Jul 2019 Property All Risks, Shop & Office Property Package: Coverage and Claims Handling with interesting cases sharing Closed
03 Jul 2019 Life and Medical Underwriting with recent updates of the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) Closed
18 Jun 2019 Liability Insurance Coverage for Hotel and Catering Services, Underwriting and Claims Handling with Interesting Cases Sharing Full
06 Jun 2019 Highlights of Personal Data Regulations for Insurance and Financial Industry in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Europe Full
24 May 2019 Executive Insurance Package: Medical Insurance; Property All Risks in Building; Antique / Art Work Insurance and Home Insurance Package - Policy Coverage; Underwriting and Claims Handling Tips with Interesting Cases Sharing Full