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Please double click the form(s) indicated under each category to download the relevant form(s) or document, which are stored in Acrobat pdf formats, and you require an Acrobat Reader to view them. If you do not have an Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free by clicking the icon below :

(Cut-off date for Application = CDA)
Fee Schedule download01
Application for Membership (CDA : 31 July 2019) download02download03

Application for Change of Chief Executive

(CDA : 31 July 2019)

Application for Alternate Chief Executive Registration                        (CDA : 31 July 2019) download02download03download04download05

Application for Technical Representative Registration

(CDA : 30 August 2019)


Cancellation of Technical Representative Registration 

(CDA : 18 September 2019)

Request for Registration History download02
Application for Change of Company Name  (CDA : 30 August 2019) download06
Declaration Form by Member in relation to its Directors or Controllers (CDA : 30 August 2019) download02

Declaration Form by Member’s Directors or Controllers who are non-registrant (CDA : 30 August 2019)

Conditions and Requirements for Membership Withdrawal download06
Subscription of Membership List download02
PIBA Financial Needs Analysis (“FNA”) Form (Version: PIBA-FNA-2016-002) download02download03
Complaint Form download02
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